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The Forster is a hotel in the Bavarian Forest and due to this it is known for its varied recreational opportunities. Donaustauf is a place with almost 4000 inhabitants, located in the foothills of the Bavarian Forest, and thus has one of the most beautiful natural environments. The proximity to the Danube floodplain and the accessibility of the medieval city of Regensburg make this place particularly attractive for foreign visitors.



Hiking around Regensburg

Hiking around Regensburg  equally as popular  with locals and tourists. Above all, the 3 circular hiking trails provide a sense of unity of nature and sights. The hikes, lasting between 2.5 and 4 hours, must be partially walked on with solid footwear. In any case, the impressions of the excellent routes will be very memorable.

The Danube cycling tour

But it is also for fans of cycling that the surroundings of Regensburg offer ideal routes. The Danube bicycle tours are characterized by an unforgettable view across the Danube floodplains. Occasionally, one comes across historical buildings like the Valhalla. Designed in the architectural style of ancient Greece, this royal building rises skyward to the east of Donaustauf. On the Danube cycle track leading through Donaustauf, there is also the Chinese tower that was restored in 1902 by the princely family of Thurn und Taxis. The Danube cycle track has a length of about 434 km and is known internationally for its good state. In the Regensburg administrative district, there are about 45 km of the famous Danube cycle track. The topography in this area is relatively level. This route section is well suited for family excursions. If one rides on the "Tour de Baroque", is the bicycle tour to Regensburg is often called, one encounters a typically Bavarian panorama.

The Danube cycling tour


In Regensburg itself, you now have the option to visit various places of this splendid city that has been recognized as a World Heritage Site since 2007. Whoever has not yet had their fill of activities offering: just mount a horse and go horseback riding near Regensburg. In our near vicinity, there are many horse yards that are looking forward to your visit and have a mount ready for you.


Take advantage of the recreational and leisure options in our beautiful area along Europe's longest river.